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It’s come to my attention that I’ve yet to properly introduce myself to my own blog. As comfy-cozy it would be to give you my resume introduction, I would surely hate to bore you with those details. Instead, I would like to think of my accomplishments as second hand to my mission.

Why Travel Writing?
I crave travel and have been struck with an awfully good case of wanderlust. Stephen King says that when writing a word, be as concise as possible; when trying to convey a specific idea, why would you choose a mere cousin word to the word you really meant to use? Words, in their basest form, are only a representation of their own true meaning. I believe travel to be the same way. A destination is only a sliver of a place’s true essence. When you go somewhere, whether seeing it for the first time or having had traveled there many times, it is always evolving. It’s your job, as a traveler, to decode your destination’s message. These messages can be lost, sorted to the furthest enclave of your mind as a distant recollection. Or your experiences can be immortalized- shared through the median of writing to enchant, inspire and breathe new life into a memory.

Me, Raymondskill Falls, Pocono Mountains

Literature for the same reason is equally important. A wise professor once told me, “Literature is an evocation of reality.” So is traveling. While you can never grasp any location’s full meaning (even if it’s home!), it’s in us day in and day out to try and make sense of this life. Why not grab a journal, write it down and share your observations? To touch and be touched by an experience, no matter how domestic or exotic, is my inspiration. Life is a balance, and I intend to focus on that and where I fit in.

This is why I travel. This is why I write.

Inspirational Folk
Well Known: Anthony Bourdain, Hunter Thompson, Stephen King, Randy Pauch, Roger Ebert

Most assuredly Soon-To-Be-Well-Known in their own regard: Marjie Woolard, Colleen Godin, Rachel LaPorte, Melissa Kozak, Ruston Grosse, The Fitzgeralds, Anyone who has shaped and touched my life in the past. That means you.

Where I live
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Home Is
Chicago, Illinois

Wish List Destinations (Domestic)
Boston, Mass., Burlington, VT., Portland OR, The Grand Canyon, AZ, Maine, Anywhere/Everywhere

Wish List (Internationally)
Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Brazil, Chile (anywhere Central/South America), British Virgin Islands, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Papau New Guinea, Zanzibar, The Cook Islands, Tokyo, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Anywhere/Everywhere

Most memorable moment
Driving down Highway 1 from Miami to Key Largo

Moment I wish I could forget

Tijuana, Mexico

In the meantime
Freelance writing, blogging, reading, cooking

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