Month: July 2011

Hostile toward Hosteling?

I am currently embarking on my first hostel booking experience. I am traveling to Vermont to see my sister the first week of September and from there driving up to Montreal, Quebec for a long weekend. Since both of us are nearly broke and most certainly on budgets, we are going to stay in a

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On U.S. Passports

It was my mentor and idol Anthony Bourdain who lamented at the percentage of adults who do not have their U.S. passport, somewhere in the sad vicinity of 20-40 percent. It’s hard to find an exact statistic, but no matter what the exact percentage, Americans should be ashamed of their insular nature. While it is

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Washington D.C. in 24 hours

It CAN be done! Hour 1/ 1 p.m. : Arrive. Check into Holiday Inn near the Capitol Building. Avoid getting lost on the grid highway system. Feel proud that once you get there, with hardly enough time to gain your bearings, you’re still able to give a guy on the street directions to the parking

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