Kilgore Falls, Maryland

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What do you do when you have an entire day off and cabin fever from too many hot days in a row in a crowded city? You take a trip to swim in a waterfall, that’s what!

My friends Chris and Kelly scooped me up this afternoon to take me to Kilgore Falls in northern Harford County, Maryland. The day started off rainy, making me nervous about lightening bringing our field trip to a screeching halt, but luckily for us, that didn’t happen.

There were a few families around, but for the most part, we had the place to ourselves. We set up a makeshift camp, ate a picnic lunch we brought and spent the afternoon exploring. Of course today was the day my digital camera refused to work. (I’m hoping it was just low on batteries).

There were 3 main waterfalls over one large rock wall. The first was gave off a little too much pressure but the smaller one next to it was perfect. Lying on your back, letting the water pound down on you is quite an experience. You can also swim behind the falls and get an awesome view of them in front of you.

The water basin of the falls is about 4-5 feet deep throughout except for one patch that was about 6 feet. I definitely did not feel safe cliff jumping, as I’ve done at Devil’s Pool at the Wissahickon in Philadelphia. There was an awesome “natural staircase” to the left of the falls, that once you climb up, you can sit and wade in the basin of water before it tumbles over the rock. It was slippery, but also relaxing and serene. By that time, all of the families left and we truly had a piece of unadulterated natural beauty to ourselves. Not bad for a Monday, right?

Check out pictures and a little bit about Kilgore Falls here

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