How resourceful are you?

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Ever been in a pickle because one of your favorite add-ons or accessories broken or lost? Just last week, while at Kilgore Falls, I had unfortunate luck. My Kodak Easy Share decided to crap out on me. Just as I walked into nature’s playground – a waterfall you could swim in – my camera decides that maybe this memory was better suited for my mind and heart rather than a photograph. Either way, waiting for a new battery to revive my camera, I have been suffering ever since. But why suffer when you could be resourceful?

This was my remedy:

1. Went to the store one evening and picked up a disposable, yes, a disposable camera.
2. Snapped pictures for the past week on it.
3. Had an immeasurable amount of fun clicking and churning the dial to ready the camera for the next photo.
4. Asked people to use it as well. Not surprisingly, it breathed new life and fun into the experience of picture-taking. Never discount a throwback. People love it!
5. Felt very excited, and still do feel excited, about actually getting the pictures developed. In a society of instant gratification, it will be a pleasant surprise how my photos actually turn out. The element of mystery is alive and well!

So although I haven’t been able to update this blog with fancy photos from my fancy digital camera (although that will be happening again sometime soon), I have been making do with a classic stand-by and have also been having a new sort of fun.

In a word: Just because something is broken doesn’t mean it would be better if it was fixed. At least right away anyway.

Will post some photos that I took with my disposable camera as soon as they are developed. Stay tuned.

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