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I just booked my trip to Vermont to see my sister and have somehow finagled my way up to the Northeast U.S. for $35! It just goes to show that with a little research and resourcefulness, you can get next to anywhere for very cheap.  I will be departing Philadelphia early morning on September 1st and arriving in Boston at 1:30 p.m. I’ll then be catching a $1 bus – Yes, you heard me, a $1 bus, to Burlington VT. I believe the next step is deciding on whether or not we can swing a trip up to Montreal labor day weekend. I hope so!

I just now booked the return trip for $11. That puts my trip total at $46 round trip. Traveling the east coast is very affordable, especially with Bolt Bus and Megabus. Why would you even bother with Greyhound with rates as low as $1 with Megabus? I only booked with Bolt Bus for time convenience. Any other option (besides hitchhiking, of course) would have been at LEAST twice as expensive. I’m pretty proud that I’ve found a ride there and back for under 50 bucks. Nicely done.

The part of the story (yet to be determined) is whether or not Bree and I will swing that trip to Montreal. I desperately want to now that I have my passport, but we will see what finances and time allows for. I have never been to Quebec, much less Canada in general. Shall I brush up on my French?

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