I survived the Philly Hurriquake 2011

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Oh, Mother Nature, why can’t you send us an Irene more often?

Admittedly, that’s pushing things a little bit. Nobody HOPES for natural disaster, but who can deny that we all definitely needed the shake up. Or maybe it was just me.

Hurricane talk started earlier this week around Thursday sometime after the weird 5.8 earthquake we felt. The warnings were in no short supply starting Friday, as the Eastern Seaboard prepared for the category 1 Irene to wreak havoc along the coast. Our plan, living in Philadelphia, relatively close to the Delaware river, was to prep as much as possible while trying to maintain some sort of normalcy (ie: not fleeing town unnecessarily, while at the same time being conscious of the flooding potential).

Walmart Lunacy

To be honest, I was a nervous wreck. Patience running thin Saturday morning, my sister Melissa, Ruston and I ventured to Wal-Mart for last minute supplies. The scene was grim at best. All the bottled water was sold out and there were only Jesus candles left. We checked out the Home Depot next store for necessary bottle water, batteries and LED lights in case of a power outage.

The damage. Literally.

Work proved to a be a fail, as I was sent home about an hour into the shift. We stocked up on food, wine and other necessary placating substances including (but certainly not limited to) a delicious home-cooked meal while Dylan provided the backdrop to speculation, laughs and long-overdo shut-in party fun.

We retired to the den where we watched projector movies on the wall while listening to Blood Axis albums, slowly slipping into a coma while the apocalypse continued outdoors. Luckily, besides a brief flooding spell in which we rigged a drainage system and some minor roof leaking at our place, damage was minimal and good times were had by all.

I know all weren’t so lucky. It’s nice, though, that in times of strife, what’s important is to come together and have a good time with loved ones and friends. When times get weird, barrage through the trenches together.

When stressed, cook. Bacon.

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