Greetings from Vermont!

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I arrived in Vermont yesterday after a…well, let’s say major snafu. I missed my bus to Boston and to Burlington, so I was faced with the monumental alternative of driving. With my hands tied and little choice in the matter, I fueled up on the extra sleep I needed (what caused me to miss my bus in the first place was oversleeping), packed my car and head out on the open road. A beautiful drive and a real chance to see ‘God’s Country.’

Self Portrait- Lake George, New York

Let it be known that Lake George was an astounding and beautiful discovery and just the change-up I needed after a boring through-New York drive. It was like stumbling into the Northern Woods of Wisconsin, but with mountains. NY-9N N follows along mountainous roads all around the massive lake. I was totally in the sticks when I jumped out to catch this shot. When I closed my car door, I heard an echo. I knew in some sense of the word I had made it.

My car, the VW Beetle on the Ferry to Vermont

I can say with certainty that my car has been to many places, but never on a ferry across a lake to get into a seemingly mystical, magical place called Vermont. It was a short, fun and most importantly free ride over lake Champlain. Since the bridge that connects New York to Vermont is still being built, slated to open sometime late this year, people must use this ferry for the daily commutes. Fun for me, a pain in the ass for them, I’m sure.

You’re beautiful at sunset, Vermont

Upon arriving into town and meeting up with my sister, we treated ourselves to a delicious dinner of Indian food and spent the evening drinking, catching up and painting records. I could think of worse ways to spend an evening.

Today it’s a tour of Magic Hat Brewery, downtown Burlington, the lakefront and some sort of going-out debauchery later. Until later, my friends.

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