Hear, hear! Beer, here!

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Nicknamed the “smallest big town” in America, Burlington, Vermont is full of pleasant surprises that make this little place a bangin’ destination. It doesn’t hurt that Burlington is chock full of awesome breweries in and around the city. Below are some that I visited for tasting and touring.

1. Vermont Pub & Brewery, 144 College Street, Burlington, Vermont:

Saison d’Automne was the best

This was an awesome last-minute lunch find. Walking through downtown Burlington, I noticed that a lot of the nearby restaurants were pricey. That wasn’t going to do it for two gals on a budget. Turning the corner, a bit put off by our culinary choices, we stumbled upon Vermont Pub & Brewery and were immediately won over. Sandwiches ranging from 5-8 bucks and $4 pints of hyper-local microbrewed beers? Sold! My sister and I shared a sampler of 4 different beers for only $4 and we were already feeling toasty afterward.  We also shared a Vermont cheese platter for a very reasonable $7 which included seven different cheeses, apples and crackers. Hell yes. What’s more is that the menu is designed to help you pair your favorite brews with your favorite foods. You can’t go wrong when the place you’re eating at offers good eats for cheap and spells it all out for you upfront. I would definitely go back.

Beer tasting flight: half gone…literally

2. Magic Hat Brewery, 5 Bartlett Bay Road South Burlington, Vermont: 

 As if one brewery in a day wasn’t enough, my sister and I went over to Magic Hat Brewery for a tour. We went on a Friday at 5 p.m., the last tour of the day which was great because we were able to take our time and ask questions rather than be hurried along for the next group’s turn. The inside of Magic Hat looks like the way I would like my house to look around Halloween time…or all year long. Funky decor, fun souvenirs, odd phrases and paintings all over the walls, and most importantly, a long bar with 8-10 beers on tap at all time make this “Artifactory” worth the visit alone. You can sample beers and then take the free tour of the brewery which includes a short video, a walk through the plant, and a lesson on how to brew beer from start to finish. At the end you can get a “Growler” of your favorite beer to take with you for 8 bucks. Magic Hat’s #9 was my potion. What will yours be?

Trapp Family Lodge

3. The Trapp Family Lodge Brewery, 700 Trapp Hill Road, Stowe, Vermont:

 Have you ever seen The Sound of Music? The family whose life’s legacy IS the sound of music owns and operates this mountaintop resort in Stowe, Vermont, skiing central of the northeast. What a beautiful place to stumble upon on a rainy afternoon! Inspired by the family’s Austrian roots, this resort boasts beautiful villas, and even more beautiful views of the mountains. Not to mention, the resort plans activities every single day for visitors to partake in, whether it be a fly-fishing lesson, an excursion to meet and greet Vermont cows or a private cellar wine-tasting (what we came for). Before our wine tasting, though, we were recommended to visit the resort’s brewery for a quick beer. I ordered the Trapp Vienna Amber which was a great lager. Stepping onto the deck for a quick mug of Austrian-inspired lager while taking in all the scenery made me fall in love with Vermont instantly.

There you have it. Three Vermont Breweries down, 18 to go.

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