Month: October 2011

Tips on Interviewing

I have been a journalist essentially my whole life. As soon as you’re old enough to gain cognizance of the questions you ask and what people’s reactions will be, you’ve learned the most valuable lesson of interviewing. As a professional journalist, there are certain things you can do to make the process go smoothly, yielding

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Happy Halloween Bitches!

Check out this video that took me hours to edit…A reminder that I need to get better at shooting/editing my own multimedia. Just thought I’d share some of my Halloween spirit with you all:

Hostel Review: Montreal Central

I have successfully stayed in my first hostel and Montreal Central was the one to take my virginity. It’ll be hard not to fall in love with you, MC, with all your cute, friendly French Canadian desk attendants and awesome company. Below find a short review of Montreal Central, 1586 Rue St. Hubert. Location: Could

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Portrait of a Semi-Seasoned Traveler

Portrait of a semi-seasoned traveler is an on-going series featuring fellow travelers I have known personally, whether it be a long-time friend or a new acquaintance. These profiles are meant to inspire and pinpoint through opinions and memories why travel is such an attractive and life-changing experience.  ———————————————————————————————— Name: Hollis Ireland A star is born;

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