My Seven 2011 Travel-sentials

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What a year it’s been! I’ve travelled up and down the East Coast, out to the West Coast, to the Midwest and back, and even made time to head down south. Below is a list of things that made it possible- and helped me keep my sanity- while on the road in 2011.

1. Earplugs

Never underestimate the power of these beautiful foam wonders.

Step 1: Roll up

Step 2: Insert into ear canal

Step 3: Tune out, zone out and enjoy the ride.

2. Smart phone with Wifi capability

Never again will I have to worry about writing down my flight confirmation number thanks to the modern marvel of wifi connectivity! All I have to do in basically any situation is touch the screen “on” for instant help. Need a taxi? Google it! Can’t find your boarding pass? Load your digital one and have the airline attendants scan that! Trying to kill time on layover? Hello, Facebook!

3. Airplane pillow

Oh little green pillow, how I adore thee. When my neck threatens to bobble off its hinges after 5 hours in transit, drool dripping from my agape mouth, this little savior props me up and ensures plenty of hours of decent rest.

4. Excedrin/Any headache  or migraine relief

You better believe that I always travel with some sort of headache relief on hand. You never know when temperature changes, allergies or copious amounts of alcohol will have you suffering the worst migraine of your life. After I pop a pair of 500mg Excedrin, I’m ready for just about anything life throws my way.

5. Deodorant

This I carry on me at all times. There’s nothing more refreshing (albeit a shower) than a quick swipe under the arms. It’s amazing how smelly you can get from just sitting there for 8 hours in transit. Be a pal and keep the B.O. under wraps.

6. Reading material

This should be a no-brainer. Have a few minutes, or hours, to kill? I always try to catch up on the biographies of my favorite artists, chef personalities or writers.

7. Digital camera

Always expect the unexpected. Rarely am I in a spot where I long for my digital camera. I try to keep it on me at all times, especially to capture life’s unexpectedly awesome photo ops. Like this gem. I had  been lost in the woods for 9 hours, but I made sure to get some damn good pictures of the landscape. One could say it was almost worth it.

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