Month: January 2012

5 reasons to love magical, weird L.A.

I’ve been to L.A. once, very briefly to score a Hollywood T-Shirt for my friend’s suvenir on the way to LAX airport. It was hot, congested, those two things together rarely a good thing. I didn’t have a favorable first impression of the city of Angels. I’m loving  California life. The more I explore this

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Essential Packing List- Australia

I’m in a wonderful and warm (warmer than Chicago, anyway!) Burbank, California. I’ll be in California for a week, exploring L.A., then flying to Sydney next Monday, January 30th. As I’ve mentioned in this blog before, I’m backpacking through Australia. I hope to stay for a month (maybe longer?). Below is my essential packing list:

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10 Things I learned in Philly

I moved to Philadelphia post-college in October 2010. I’m moving back to Chicago (my home town) tomorrow. 15 months have gone by, and my, how I’ve grown! This is the obligatory moving on post. Here is a list of things I’ve accomplished/learned in my time on the East Coast. 1. I learned how to parallel park: Once

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Inside the Indie Travel Mindset

A friend on my upcoming backpacking trip to Australia: “What are you running away from?” Me: “It’s not what I’m running away from, it’s a question of what I’m moving toward.” An indie travel mindset is optimistic. It’s brimming with possibility, wanderlust, the excitement, rather than fear, of the unknown. Indie travel means stepping outside

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How to Party at the Mummer’s Parade

Step 1: Peel yourself out of bed at the ass crack of dawn (or noon if you’re me) on New Year’s Day. Nevermind that you just survived the biggest party night of the year the night before. Oh yeah, make sure you’re in Philadelphia. Step 2: Whatever you do, take public transportation! Head to Center

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You say you have a resolution

I dressed up and glittered my eyes for the big party. I drank, I cheered, I hugged and laughed with old friends and new acquaintances. I said goodbye to the old and I’m facing the new year with one goal mind: Never look back, never surrender. Bring it, 2012. What is your 2012 resolution?