A Day at Seal Beach


I left my heart in California. It delivers every time. The day before I left Los Angeles to head north toward San Francisco, my friend Marjie and I spent the day discovering Long Beach, specifically the area of Seal Beach.

The photos are so nice, I’ll let them do most of the story-telling:

Beware of Los Angeles' public transportation system

It took us exactly 2 buses and 3 metro lines to get to Seal Beach from Downtown Hollywood, our total travel time being 2 hours. You might like to take a car instead if possible. We also got lost right outside of Compton when we transferred trains too early, heading to an imposter Long Beach stop.

Finally we made it to Downtown Seal Beach, a cute, hippie-like beach town.

Photo by author

We walked for a bit, encountered some cute little shops, gardens and restaurants, mostly just happy to be off the damn bus!

Photo by author

Hungry, we walked around looking for cheap and affordable Mexican food. Not that that’s hard to find in California. *Sigh* First, though, we found this hippie-lovin’ tree. *Another sigh*

Love in the time of hunger

Lunch was at Taco Surf where the incredible happy hour special (2-6 p.m.!) was $1 tacos and $2 drafts of Pacifico and Dos xx. Lunch for the two of us (fish tacos, carnitas, a few beers) was only $11! Can’t beat that!

The blog post actually ends here because after this I died and went to Heaven

After filling our stomachs and getting a nice little buzz, we walked toward the sea. It was a chilly day, but that didn’t stop us. We also anticipated seeing seals, but no luck.

Seal beach pier

Instead of seals, we did notice some crustaceans and starfish underneath the pier.

Photo by author

Clearly too cold to swim, but still a wonderful and scenic day. Next time, though, we drive.

Photo by author

2 comments on “A Day at Seal Beach”

  1. that looks amazing! have to got there next time I’m in LA.
    PS: public transport in LA is great, isn’t it?! 😦


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