Black Magic at Kehena Beach, Hawaii

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Hardly a week goes by that I don’t visit Kehena Beach, one of the only stretches of black sand beach on the east side of the island of Hawaii. The tide is rough and the hike down to shore is a bit treacherous, but the views and the magic are well worth it.

A view from above: Kehena Beach

Kehena is sort of a local spiritual retreat. Imagine this: Clothing optional (people definitely take advantage of that), space for yoga, healing, privacy, sun-bathing and a kick-ass drum circle on Sundays.

Photo by author

Known almost exclusively by locals, Kehena is located just off the famed “Red Road” stretching from Kopoho to Kalapana Road (Route 137) along the south-eastern shore. If you go on a Sunday, just follow the sound of drums and hike down to a bohemian/alternative/hippie fest where you can let loose for the afternoon.

Photo by author

Swimming can be a bit tough because the waves are pretty wild, but that didn’t stop me from swimming with a pod of 13 dolphins one afternoon. As I swam out past the rough break, I was greeted by my dolphin friends as a nude beach patron played fife on the beach. It was a magical, personal moment.

A father and child share a moment building a black sand castle

This spot is unique and special to me. Kehena beach is highly photogenic. I’m glad I could share some of my favorites with you all.

Photo by author

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