Month: May 2012

The cost of travel besides MONEY

I”m not shy about giving out details about my personal budget, because, believe it or not, just like you, I had to work for my money. I still work for money and I will continue to work for money. So many people have it wrong. It’s not all about the money. Admittedly, I drained my

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Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef

This has been an incredible year of seeing things and trying to knock items off my bucket list, one by one. When I took my month-long trip to Australia, I hadn’t initially planned to visit the Great Barrier Reef. . It was my stay with my host family in Brisbane that convinced me to ditch

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The Freedom of Choice

I’m taking Β a mini-sabbaticalΒ from my life in paradise where all the perspective of how I want to live my life was bestowed upon me. What’s the difference between me pre-Hawaii and post-Hawaii? I found my paradise, my happy spot, my garden of eden. I realized how powerful my choice is. What exactly do I mean

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