Month: June 2013

Strawberry Park Hot Springs Forever

Steamboat Springs, Colorado is probably one of my favorite mountain towns in the Rockies. With over 12,000 full-time residents, it feels homey, not touristy. Nature is incorporated quite well in the city making it easy for any outdoor enthusiast to get his/her outdoors on. The Yampa River runs through the town and there are paths

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Microbrews, food trucks and cook outs, oh my!

Mine and Jon’s trip to Colorado was nothing short of amazing. I was happy to get of the Midwest after enduring mile after unbearable mile of flat terrain. After driving 2 days, we finally hit the Colorado border and set up camp at North Sterling State Park for the night. This was our second experience

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Heading West: The Great American Road Trip Commences

Jon and I souped our truck and finally put the Northstar 850 SC slide in camper on top. It took two days to pack everything we own (I thought not much, but after cramming everything into every little crevice, it turns out we have a lot of crap) and finally hit the road. We started

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