Meet our adventure seeking, debt-crushing soul machine!


She’s our pretty little baby. Our pride and joy. And she drinks like a drunk and makes one reminisce fondly of the 80s, when life had soul and class. She’s our 1985 Class C Travelcraft RV.

Here she is!
Here she is!

I’m proud of this little beauty for several reasons:

1. She signifies freedom: No leases, no leashes. There is no worse feeling that working a job you hate, being stuck in a financial commitment to someone else. What’s up with that? We want wind in our hair, the freedom to break free and explore and let the wind blow us where we may. Traditional life is not set up for that hippie dippie shit. So we wrote our own rules.

Home is where ever you park it!
Home is where ever you park it!

2. She makes financial sense:  When our truck broke down last summer, so did the traveling seasonal lifestyle. I was heartbroken, but I knew we had to hunker down and save some money. Luckily Jon came into a bit of money and we purchased our new RV for $4,250 (A steal because it’s in GREAT shape!). Now we are “home-owners” and our home is absolutely and 100 percent paid off. All the money we earn now will go almost exclusively to savings and our next adventure instead of paying a nameless face money for rent.

We are paying not even $300/month to park our RV and have full hook-up in the middle of one of the most beautiful places in the country, if not world. We are living and working in Yellowstone National Park on a contract. We earn very good money. Hardly any of it will be pissed away to rent.

Parked at the Buffalo Bill Reservoir in Wyoming
Parked at the Buffalo Bill Reservoir in Wyoming

3. She represents a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle that I’m proud of: Because of the lifestyle here, we will be going to bed around sun-down, awaking at sunrise more or less, consuming less electricity. Not to mention, everything in an RV is SMALLER, so we require MUCH less energy to house us than traditional apartments or homes. We have a generator for dry camping and water tanks, meaning we could live off-the-grid for longer periods of time. I hope one day to install solar panels so we can truly be self-sufficient!

The interior...You gotta admit, she's got stttyyllleee!
The interior…You gotta admit, she’s got stttyyllleee!

4. RVing is fun!: We are now “Free Agents” and can live where we choose for as long as we choose. As I said, we are currently in Yellowstone National Park. I literally have Bison and Elk in my backyard. I can go watch for wolves and spot bald eagles. Nature is the antidote to a stressful lifestyle. Not to mention, without the $1450 monthly rent and bills looming over our head, it’s a pleasure to watch our bank accounts grow and plan for our next adventure.

When you feel stuck in the grind, remember there are options. I  hated my job in Denver. It was stupid to have to work that much and save (if I was LUCKY) $20 a week. Now I’ll be able to save much much more than that to finance my lifestyle. After getting settled in here at YNP, there is a sense of calm I hadn’t experienced in quite some time. Anxiety used to be my closest companion in Denver. I never saw Jon because of his odd hours. When I did see him, I wanted all the fun things of our relationships crammed into our short, if even existent weekend: Flirting, cooking, adventuring, love-making, taking the dog out, exercising, etc. These things in a relationship are supposed to happen naturally, but when you are strapped for time, it’s impossible. Now we work together which is very nice (a lot of couples in the seasonal world work together. It’s a marvelous experience!) and have a bunch of free time together. We understand each others’ struggles at work and we aren’t struggling in our personal lives. I couldn’t be happier!


I will post tips and tricks to living in an RV full-time for those curious about it. The benefits far outweigh the sometimes minor inconveniences and I would love to share them with you.

Also, we are busy planning our next adventure already, as our contract here ends October 7th! I think somewhere sunny and warm for the winter might do the trick. We hear the Florida Keys are nice that time of year! 🙂

Freedom at dusk
Freedom at dusk

2 comments on “Meet our adventure seeking, debt-crushing soul machine!”

  1. We too are embarking on this great new adventure. We are retired but still able to work. Looking for really great places you found off the beaten path. Also interested in how you like your rv. We bought a 1982 Travelcraft in supreme condition. Want to know more about seasonal work also. Thank you!


    1. If you are retired and still able to work, I highly recommend the website You can find work by state, job type, National Park, season, etc. It’s a great way to discover some of our country’s most beautiful places while making money!

      I really enjoyed the Travelcraft! We have since sold it and settled into a more permanent life, but during our time with it, it was wonderful! It didn’t leak, which was huge for us. Also, it was just spacious enough that two and a dog could live in it comfortably. We did have to “pair down” considerably, but there is a huge closet and storage space under the couch for many of our personal belongings. I think you will really enjoy your Travelcraft and “riding in style!”



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