The non-stick figure girl’s guide to looking sexy in Hawaii

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I’m not skinny. I live in Hawaii where the average temperature is around 80 degrees year-round. That means when the temperature’s rising, so is the pressure to look your best.

Unlike stick-thin model types and avid surfers (whom I adore and am jealous of, by the way), I weigh  200 pounds at 5’9″. Bikini weather year-round is scary for a plus-sized lady like myself. How will I hide my cellulite without looking like a librarian?

Here are some do’s and don’ts for looking sexy in paradise, or just about anywhere you find yourself:

DO play up your natural attributes:


For the love of God, we don’t need anymore Kim Kardashians running around. Ditch the lip collagen debate you know you’ve been having with yourself. Save your smoky eye for a night out at the club. During the day, go light on the makeup: a little mascara, powder, blush and lip gloss is all you need. If you have curls leftover from a day at the beach, re purpose them with a high ponytail.

DO keep it classy and sassy:

Keep it Classy

The last thing you want to be called is cheap, am I right? As much as you think your butt hanging out at Safeway is heaven-sent, for heaven’s sake, cover up! Have some pride in how you look when you go out. You don’t have to dress to the nines to go to the grocery store, but a well-dressed person exudes confidence and authority. Dress well and you will earn the respect you deserve!

DON’T be afraid to show some skin:

SHow some skin

Shake what your mamma gave you! Just because you have a little cellulite or don’t have a perfectly flat stomach doesn’t mean you’re not sexy. Break out those short shorts and show off a little leg. In fact, I think imperfect bodies are way more interesting, and often times more sexy, than perfect ones!

DO accessorize:

Break out those hats, watches, belts, purses and anything else that completes your outfit. Believe me, the little touches make a big difference. A nice belt across the waist creates the illusion of a smaller figure while hats and jewelry brim with fun and excitement!

Don't forget to

DON’T be afraid to have your own style:


Not everyone so easily fits into the mold of what’s cool and trendy. For me fashion is about being confident and loving what you wear. On the islands, the attire is more laid-back. This is one of my go-to outfits: Jean shorts, a loose-fitting tee, trucker hat, and of course, peace sign!

Hope you found this post fun and inspiring! Not get out there and start looking your sexiest!

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