Panoramic Hawaii


Living in Hawaii is something I that I never take for granted. Whether it’s sampling all of the delicious food or enjoying what most people love most about living in Hawaii – the view – there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t count my lucky stars that this beautiful island paradise is my home.

Phone glued in hand most days, I’ve been fortunate to capture some really incredible moments via panoramic shots. The below shots I wanted to share, as well as the stories behind them. Enjoy a mini vacation to the islands, and a peak into our lives as we enjoy living here.

IMG_1970It’s day two into our long weekend camping trip on Oahu’s North Shore, and we’re sweating. It’s been hovering around 85 degrees all weekend, and obviously, there’s no A/C to provide the usual relief. Camping here is nothing short of a privilege, as spots are usually reserved some months ahead of time. It’s King Kamehameha Day weekend, and we’re celebrating Hawaii’s rich history and culture by getting close to the land.

Just the night before, friends joined our site to partake in mirth and merriment around the campfire, but tonight it’s just Ehren and I. This picture was taken just after returning back from town for an ice cream treat. The rest of the evening is spent tending to our open campfire and soaking up the final moments of remote solace before the sun sets on our perfect weekend escape.

IMG_1444We’re on the rooftop of the only Agricole Rum distillery in Kunia, overlooking the neighboring farm’s extensive aquaponics system. Today we’re learning about Native Hawaiian sugarcane and rum being made from heirloom varieties at Manulele Distillers. We’re here to celebrate Ehren’s birthday, but even more, to celebrate his Hawaiian ancestry as we sip on centuries’-old heirloom cane-distilled rum.

Not long after this picture is taken and our farm tour is complete, we toast to one another: to life and another year well-lived, hopeful that Hawaiian culture remains as effervescent as it once was and continues to be.

IMG_1296Good Friday is the day Jesus Christ was crucified, and we choose to commune with nature today. We drive the scenic east coast of Oahu to arrive at China Man’s Hat Beach, or Kualoa Regional Park. We find a spot that’s a little off-the-beaten path to relax for a swim.

We’re always amazed at how many people live on our tiny island, but how even still, we are able to find peace and a stretch of beach to ourselves. Less tranquilly, we hear nearby swimmers lament of spotting hammerhead sharks in this very area. Ehren reminds me that hammerheads are docile and won’t attack. I let him swim while I wade cautiously on shore and capture this shot.

IMG_1144This was my first trip to Kauai, the Garden Island. It’s a mere 2 weeks before the island will be ravaged by torrential rains and floods, and we are, at the time of this photo, blissfully unaware, selfishly and hungrily eating up the gorgeous landscapes.

We rented a 4×4 Jeep and we’re off-roading to Polihale State park on the island’s far west side. A bumpy 2-mile road laden with potholes filled with rain water takes us to one of the most stunning stretches of beaches I’ve ever seen. To avoid getting caught in the dark, we pack up quickly and brave the bumpy ride back. I ask Ehren to pull over so I can capture the sunset over the open fields.

Panorama 1We’re at home and it’s an ordinary weeknight. We’re downstairs from our 2nd floor studio just a few miles from Waikiki Beach. We’re doing our usual weeknight household chores; this time, we’re changing out the laundry.

In between visiting the washer machine and the clothes line, I pause to take a picture of today’s particularly beautiful sunset. Sunsets in Hawaii come in many shapes and sizes, but tonight’s is exquisite in a way that’s hard to pass up. I put my phone away and finish hanging the clothes with the cotton candy sky as my backdrop.

4 comments on “Panoramic Hawaii”

  1. You’re article has me longing for Hawaii, Jillski. Most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Such pretty pictures.


    1. Hi Mrs. McAbee- I’m glad you found this article beautiful. I really love living and I do enjoy sharing the beauty here with everyone. I’m glad you were able to visit and enjoy all of it!


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