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You Found Your New League Sport – Axe Throwing!

Looking for a new way to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends? Tired of the same old haunts, drowning beers to the pitiful selection of the bar’s jukebox? Sick of visiting the same pool hall or bowling alley over and over again? Then it’s nigh time to try a new sport – axe throwing!

We had the opportunity to try axe throwing for the first time this past weekend as a joint birthday celebration, and I’m glad we did. From start to finish, axe throwing was a new experience through and through – one that fosters friendly competition in a blood pumping environment.

Our crew at Blade and Timber after some Axe Throwing!

We visited the newly opened Blade and Timber in Kakaako. The sport of axe throwing is growing in popularity across the country, and we’re glad that even though we are in the tropics, someone decided to open an axe throwing hall!

Reservations were recommended, so we booked a private lane for 6 people, costing $144, so $24/person. The lane reservation was an hour and a half an included a safety briefing by an axe throwing coach. He taught us the correct technique for throwing overhead, using our body weight, at a wooden target some 15-20 feet ahead of us.

After our safety briefing, we were left to our own devices to figure things out. I might mention that these are not hatchets, but full size axes. At first my heart was racing and my palms were sweaty, but after a while, our crew got the hang of it, and we even started getting “bulls eyes!”

Bull’s eye!

The staff taught us a fun game where the object is to score 50 points on the board. The first person to 50 points wins, but if you go over 50, you get bumped down to 40 points and have to keep trying to get a perfect 50.

Throughout our game, the instructor came over to teach us new axe throwing techniques like one-handed, underhanded and even throwing two axes at once! I opted out of the last option, but the boys had a fun time sampling the hardest-to-master technique.

After all, Ehren won with a perfect score of 50. We had a great time with our friends in their selfie booth afterwards. I would recommend this safe and fun sport to anyone looking to try something new with a group of friends.

Happy birthday Ehren!

Exploring Kaka’ako Murals on Biki Bikes

Ever since Biki made their debut in Honolulu, Ehren and I can’t get enough of it! Biki is a bikeshare company that has over 130 stations around Honolulu. For $3.50, you jump on a Biki bike and ride around for a half hour, returning your bike to any station. We love exploring our city this way!

Kaka’ako is the perfect district to check out on bike. Pow!Wow! Hawaii, a huge art festival where artists from around the world paint new murals, came through town meaning there are new murals at every corner and in between! Biking is a better way to explore the art in the area because you may tire out on foot or miss something in the car.

We jumped on our bikes around the Ward area and biked through Kaka’ako, making stops along the way to view our favorite pieces. Below, enjoy some snapshots from our adventure:

Is there a better way to spend a Saturday evening for $3.50?


Ehren and a beautiful sea life mural.

This is what I hear when I listen to music, too.

Howzit braddah?

Bird of paradise, Ehren’s favorite mural.


Thanks for a fun day exploring, Biki!