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PDX: Show me what you got

I’ve been waiting to visit Portland for a number of years now and I can finally say, without further ado, that tomorrow is the day my dreams come true! SO awesome!

I will be Couchsurfing for about 4 days and in that time hope to discover at least a hair of what this city’s about. Maybe I’ll fall in love with it. I’m pretty sure I will.

Totally ready to tame this beast:

Public transit. Always. Courtesy TriMet

I definitely want to check out all of the hype around the different food trucks. I’ve been working in the restaurant biz for years,and Portland’s food trucks are all I hear about. Portland this, food truck that. Alright, I get it! I’m going to witness it first hand.

Next is the Voodoo Donut Shop, a place that the Food Network and Travel Channel has made me salivate over for years. As the saying goes, The Magic IS in the Hole!

I’m also going to be in microbrewed beer heaven. I thought I found that in Philadelphia, but, alas, Portland is where it’s at. I can’t wait to down some unique brews!

Fancy donuts, awesome street food and microbrews everywhere? Portland, I might just love you.