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Exploring the Big Island of Hawaii

Have you ever had the pleasure of visiting theΒ Island of Hawaii? Also known as the Big Island, Hawaii Island is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, falling south easternmost in the chain. Not to be confused with Oahu (where the state capitol Honolulu is located), Big Island is far from metropolitan – in fact, you

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I live in the jungle

I live in the wild west. I live in the jungle. I’ve called Puna district of the east side of Big Island Hawaii for the last four months. Life here is much different from any mainland city I either lived in or was a surburbanite of. Puna district and Hedonisia Hawaii, where I’m working and

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The Freedom of Choice

I’m taking Β a mini-sabbaticalΒ from my life in paradise where all the perspective of how I want to live my life was bestowed upon me. What’s the difference between me pre-Hawaii and post-Hawaii? I found my paradise, my happy spot, my garden of eden. I realized how powerful my choice is. What exactly do I mean

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