El Fin- 30 Days of Indie Travel

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Today is the last prompt for BootsnAll’s 30 Days of Indie Travel. I did pretty well trying to keep up with the daily prompts. Overall, I completed 19/30 prompts. Not bad! This challenge was fun in that everyday provided a different platform of discussion. Not to mention, it got my lazy ass blogging pretty frequently, which we all can attest can be challenging when life gets in the way.

Prompt #30: 2012 TICKET

Where are you going in 2012?  Why is that place great for indie travelers? 


I promised myself a trip to Costa Rica for my 25th birthday. Since my birthday has come and passed, I really need to get going. I want to have an extended stay (somewhere between 2 weeks-month). I’m planning on visiting my friend Kelly in Burbank, California in February for about 5 days to escape the cold and check out Southern California. I also have a proposed trip to Italy in March with my friend Erica. You better believe I’ll be studying up on my Italian before I go. I’ve already memorized Due birre, per favore (Two beers, please.)


As far as any of this goes, and as all travelers know, I will most likely end up in other places not even mentioned above. That’s the beauty and uncertainty of life. One day you can be going along your merry own way and the next you’re on the open road to somewhere you’ve only read or dreamt about.


I’ve worked hard this last year to try to make goals for myself and promised myself that 2012 will take me in a new direction. 2011 has been the most eye-opening, fun, difficult, freeing and confusing year of my life thus far. I’m hoping I can solidify some travel plans for the new year and make 2012 just as weird and interesting (if not more!) than 2011 has been.

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