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A year and a half ago, when I was 23, I wrote a post in my old blog called “25 Things I want to do before I turn 25.” Considering that tomorrow is my 25th birthday, I figured I would revisit the list, see what I accomplished and to what extent and what I slacked on. Below first find the original list, and following find a short explanation in bold of where each goal stands today.

1. Quit smoking  
 Miraculously, I quit 5 months ago.

2. Purchase a new car  
 Still rockin’ the VW Beetle…

3. Have a steady, full-time job  
I do work full-time, steadily. The restaurant is definitely NOT my career, though.

4. Fall in love
I think this was meant to mean a person. I have not fallen in love with anyone. I have fallen in lust with a few people. But I have fallen in love with certain places, sights and sensations.

5. Finally lose that extra weight
For the first time in all my life, for the last year or so, I have been VERY happy with my figure. I could use to lose a few more pounds but it’s not THAT important to me anymore.

6. Feel confident being self-sufficient
This is an on-going goal. Moving out on my own has definitely helped.

7. Quit worrying about money so much

8. Become a better listener
I believe I’ve developed as a listener.

9. Entertain at home more 
Absolutely accomplished.

10. Learn to cook a few signature dishes
Chiles rellenos anybody? How about Pork Roast? I can also cook a mean Pad Thai!

11. Take care of my appearance better 
I have actually decided with my appearance that less is more. I have taken care of myself by being less-excessive.

12. Go on at least 3 or 4 vacations  
Florida Keys, Las Vegas, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Washington D.C., New Jersey, Vermont, Montreal….

13. Quit dreading and start embracing a career
Getting there…

14. Find out what I’m really good at 
Hm. I have figured this out somewhat, but this will be another on-going battle

15. Move out  

16. Develop my own grown-up persona  
Getting there…

17. Make new friends, grow closer with current ones 

18. Visit my sister in Vermont 
Done, and hopefully going back one day! It’s beautiful there!

19. Give up on trying to get a tan 

20. Buy a vinyl record player
Didn’t buy one, but acquired one through a friend. I’m a vinyl junkie now with a little bit of a collection, actually!

21. Quit feeling bad about things I figuratively and literally lack
I have gotten MUCH better in this department. I have learned to handle rejection and brace optimism.

22. Develop as a writer 
Absolutely accomplished. I was published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, I write freelance for the community newspaper, maintain a blog and pitch as often as I can.

23. Spend more time in the city 
Well, at the time this was written, I think the “city” referred to Chicago, but I now live in and spend lots of time in Philadelphia.

24. Learn as much as I can about my family and relatives
Again, another on-going goal. Once you get older, though, you find out more and more.

25. Ask lots of questions..learn, learn, learn 
Always. I have done a lot of this lately and will continue to do so. It’s the only way to discover.

There you have it. I am happy with the list of goals I initially made and happy with how I accomplished each one in my own way.

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